A pure organic artistic T-shirt, SNAP x ASTRO.

  • 100% organic cotton = nature fully respected
  • Collaboration ASTRO = an artistic discovery in limited edition

Astro is a self-taught French artist. He started street art in 2000 with “wildstyle” graffitis, a complex pattern with entangled letters. Then moving to more abstract expression, he’s become famous with his sense of shadow effects and perspectives.

In his universe, contemporanean optical illusion is the queen.

Standard cut. In order to avoid unnecessary water consumption, this product has not been pre-washed. It may slightly shrink during the first washing.

100% organic cotton (155g/m2)

  • Resistant natural fabric, comfortable and eco-friendly (no pesticides, no insecticides, no artificial fertilizers, no GMO and a reduced consumption of water)
  • Water-based, chemical free inks

Everything about our materials and commitments in We Act.

Our Astro T-shirt is pampered by our teams, from its creation to the delivery at your home. The cut and design are drawn by our product manager and fashion design team in our showroom Atelier near Annecy. Once the perfect silhouette is found, with the materials we like, our valued partner in Turkey takes charge of the production, as the european specialist of organic fabrics.

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Eco-conception This is not a dirty word, it means we think a lot about the best ways to minimize our impact: long-lasting and resistant materials, optimized logistic, reduced packaging, products we think to be indestructible, slow-fashion option… we still have a lot of work but we’re in progress!
Designed in France Snap was born in Chamonix 20 years ago. Each product has been thought, designed and carefully prepared by our awesome team based in Annecy.
100% French design.
Long-lasting materials 100% of SNAP materials have a minor impact on environment compared to traditional materials: organic cotton, recycled polyester and nylon, or materials with low-water needs (tencel, modal, hemp).