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Oops, we are so sorry, this model is out of stock ! But NO WORRIES, just order it now, and we’ll do our best to deliver it to you from mid-june on.


With its large landing zone  as well as the unique and patented Air Technology, the GRAND GUTS is the ideal crash pad for all climbers who train intensively. It is also the ideal companion to safely tackle even the highest climbs. The removable shoulder straps are located on the top of the pad and can be stowed away during the climbing session to stay clean. The seamless edges reduce the risk of fabric ripping with falls and increase its durability.

Included: a shoe cleaning double sided doormat on which to wipe your feet.
Instead of plastic, the GRAND GUTS pad now has a metal buckle belt making it more hard-wearing and eco-friendly.
A carry belt for easy transport. Ideal for carrying to climbing sites.

Can be stored folded for space saving

High quality SNAP cushioning
For high performance / intensive practice


Air technology


  • top: 900 denier 100% recycled
  • bottom: 600 denier 100% recycled polyester with a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) coating – 100% recyclable, non-slip and washable for better resistance and protection


  • 20 mm high density impact stopping EVA foam
  • 12 cm high density polyurethane foam to cushion your fall

Seamless sides
3 velcro strap closure
2 carry handles

Weight and dimensions

150 x 120 x 15 cm (open)
Weight: 10.2 kg

Air Technology A series of several foam cubes in individual covers velcroed together then perforated to regulate the release of air. The pad offers good landing comfort from low height that hardens when falling from height or with speed.
Crash pads with Air Technology have the unique feature of adapting to the climber’s fall and protecting them in any circumstance.