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This new lightweight monobloc model is suitable for novice or occasional climbers alike. It ensures a homogeneous landing in the event of a fall as there is no central folding. The HIP rolls up in two and has two velcro straps. Its carry straps located on the top of the pad are removable and can be tucked away during the climbing session to avoid getting them dirty. It can easily be moved between 2 climbs thanks to the 2 handles.
Instead of plastic, the HIP now has a metal buckle belt making it more hard-wearing and eco-friendly.
No more plastic means it will be more hard-wearing.

Flat  in order to make sure the foam remains in a good homogeneous shape.

Low price
Ideal for occasional or novice climbers



  • 900 denier 100% recycled polyester cover


  • 2 cm polyethylene impact reducing foam
  • 8 cm high density polyurethane foam to cushion falls

No seams along the edges
Velcro fastening
2 carry handles

Weight and dimensions
120 x 100 x 10 cm (open)
3.9 kg