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This is a monobloc pad that rolls up and makes both transport and carrying easy! Like all the top of the range pads it employs a fabrication process which enables the pad to harden at high speed impacts and to adapt to the hight of the fall, thus ensuring the best possible comfort and security.

The straps are on the underside of the pad and have removable velcro fastenings and can be stored in the integrated pocket. In a second pocket can be found a double sided mat.
The Wham is made from 100% recyclable material (polyester and coating in TPU). The absence of seams on the edges ensures the long life of this crash-pad. In order to guarantee optimal protection the Wham is made up of two types of foam: 20mm high density impact reducing EVA foam; 12cm high density impact absorbing polyurethane foam.

Size : 150 x 100 x 15 cm open

Weight : 8,4 Kg