and functional

A range that increases the pleasure of climbing.

easy to wear both as street-wear
and for climbing

Light but hard-wearing, functional, good-looking and eco-responsible.

our choice of eco-responsible products
is both considered and deliberate

And we thus choose carefully the alternatives at each stage of the production process.

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A global commitment

For the planet

We are concerned for the future of our planet Earth.
Consequently, with our crash-pads, gear and climbing clothing we work on two principles:
– our products must inspire the climbers to pick themselves up and to surpass themselves
– we are continually looking for production methods and raw materials that corresponds to our ideals of aesthetically pleasing and hard-wearing products.

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Hard-wearing products

SNAP is committed to find and adopt production processes and raw materials that are the most adapted to long-life and aestheticism, while minimising the environmental impact on our planet.

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Long-life and reparable