We act

An eco-responsible aproach
for our products

We are full committed to continual research into both production methods and materials that will ensure long-life products adapted to climbers wants and needs. Products which respect our Mother Earth that provides us with our climbing environment.
Eco-Responsibility also means products that are built to last, be they climbing gear or active wear. We make clothing that is aesthetic and functional, but also restart and hard wearing.

Our commitment

Reduce the impact of our activities on the environment

Better control the life cycle of our products

Offer products that are long-lasting and hard-wearing

Move forward together with our commercial partners

Our activity and evolution is founded on an ethically sound approach.
To achieve this we are constantly looking into new materials and pushing our producers to be socially and environmentally conscious.

We are conscious of the possible environmental impact of our activities and strive to limit them whenever possible, but also to have a relationship with our partners that is based on both efficiency and mutual benefit.


We choose to work with suppliers and factories who share our values, including the working conditions of their employees, and allow us to rigorously control each and every stage of development and production.
With our clients we strive to be as transparent as possible regarding our work methods.

« Built to last : embodies our philosophy concerning our products »

Our factory in Vietnam

Since 2003 our crash-pads and bags are made in Vietnam, a country where both know-how and quality are of recognised high standard. Neighbouring countries, notably Taiwan, provide the best quality materials for this factory.

This is a Vietnamese family manufacturing business, of a dimension that remains ‘human’ and with whom we have nurtured a close and mutually beneficial relationship over the years. The existing climate of confidence with this producer, who is also CSR aware, enables two things: excellent value for money finished articles; production that corresponds to our criteria of eco-responsibility.

Our no-waste policy

We insist on ‘zero’ waste of raw materials, for example using all left-over material from crash-pad and bag production to make smaller items and accessories. We also use organic cotton and recycled and PVC free polyester.


Organic cotton
+ soft and comfortable
+ grown without chemical fertilisers and pesticides
+ no OMG plants

Recycled polyester
+ hard-wearing
+ keeps its shape
+ easy to maintain
+ recycled and so entails less use of raw materials
+ ideal for outdoor wear

+ spinning of wood-cellulose fibres
+ very absorbent
+ soft and supple
+ hard-wearing